Zephyr Title

BBC London 94.9       DJ: Gary Crowley


"The Zephyr album 'Flame' has been one of the most refreshing albums to fall on my desk for quite some time. And I've already played the opening track 'Peace Into Our Hands' four times on my BBC London 94.9 radio show to a great reaction from both listeners and fellow DJs alike.


The album has got a wonderful, otherworldly quality feel to it which I love, whilst listening to 'Peace Into Our Hands' is akin to having hot chocolate poured down your ears. Lovely!"


Gary Crowley

BBC London

"Elizabeth Henshaw excels where genres collide - in this case with a fusion of classical, acoustic and world music. The Australian pianist/composer now living in London produces some memorable movies for your ears with some expert musical assistance - check out the liquid guitar solo on 'Elegy'."


Sellaband Tribune September 2007