Zephyr Title

Elizabeth Henshaw is an Australian composer and producer, now living in London. She trained classically as a pianist and began writing at the age of seven.


She developed a keen interest in the music of other cultures which has influenced her writing considerably, and began Zephyr, a project which involves musicians from a variety of backgrounds.


Zephyr also relies heavily on western classical tradition, while incorporating a modern 'groove'. Elizabeth's writing is recognised both for its melodic strength and its rhythmic and metric sophistication.


Elizabeth signed to ORiGiN Music Publishing in 2001 when they released the self-titled album 'Zephyr' and in 2005 'Flame'. Both albums have become favourites on ABC Classic FM. Elizabeth has also worked with emi classics (UK).


Zephyr is featured on many international compilations and used widely in Australian TV series. Both albums are available on iTunes internationally.


Zephyr collaborators:  Kate Smiley, Vimala Rowe, Sarah Labade, Brian Wells, Jeffrey Lyons, Adam Fox


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